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What are the constraints of the indoor spa?

What are the constraints of the indoor spa?

The constraints are however quite important:

1) The size of jacuzzi tubs :

The choice of the spa and its size must take into account the place where you want to place the spa, and especially its access from the main door or the stairs. The ceiling height and the size of the room must be synchronized, for better aesthetics and to reduce humidity constraints.

2) soil resistance

The resistance of the soil is essential. It should be reinforced if necessary so that it can support the maximum weight of the spa, which is on average 400-600kg / m2 and the standard for apartments is 250-300kg / m2.
Note that a 3 person hot tub weighs approximately 1200-1300kg. (Max weight)

Calculation of the maximum weight of a spa
Maximum weight = Weight of the empty spa + Weight of the volume of water (knowing that 1 liter of water = 1kg, 1m3 = 1000 liters) + [Average weight of an individual (70kg) x number of places in the spa]

3) Ventilate the room well

The ventilation of the room where the spa is to be placed is very important. A simple room in the house, therefore, would not do, unless you like humidity, condensation and mold.

The problems encountered are due to the fact that hot water gives off steam and a lot of humidity if the room is closed, same problem as for swimming pools, but it is more serious for spas. Due to the high temperature of the spa water, evaporation is intense. So if the spa is large and the room is small, this problem will be more serious. It would take good ventilation to make the equipment last and free from mold, wall cracks, floor wear, wood infiltration and your comfort.

If the room is not well ventilated, or has few openings, it is necessary to equip it with a dehumidifier (or an air extractor).

4) Room environment

Around the spa, under the spa, it is important to know that a leak is always to be expected, so they should be well waterproof. Even in contact with the water jets, the soil must remain intact.
Make sure the floors are not slippery when wet, and must withstand frequent contact with water and spa chemicals.

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