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Building on a home jacuzzi project

Inground or above ground, small or large, round, oval or rectangular, with overflow or not… the choice of swimming pools is immense. It depends on many criteria: the space you have in your garden, the exhibition, the budget you can agree to, the equipment you are considering, the maintenance time you want to devote ... In short! Investing in a swimming pool is a project that is reflected and anticipated over time, with professionals, to be sure to be able to dive from the first heat!

How about a spa?

Also known as Jacuzzi, the Spa was invented in 1956 by Candido Jacuzzi, an Italian immigrant to the United States, manager of a factory of airplane propellers and hydraulic pumps. He invented a hydraulic pump system adaptable to a bathtub to treat his son's osteoarthritis. In 1970, Roy Jacuzzi launched the first “spa” on the public market; other brands will follow as well as a multitude of interior and exterior models.

Because over the years, the spa has become an accessible product that can be adapted to all needs. From the simple whirlpool bath for relaxation, to the mini counter-current swimming pool, through easy-to-install portable spas, the models are varied and are available from 3 to 12 places. Their common points are to bring relaxation and well-being, but also health! The heat of the spa has a therapeutic effect. It improves blood circulation and the production of endorphins which helps fight stress, nervous tension and fatigue. We sleep better, we rest better, we live better!

Spa and Jacuzzi

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